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Start From Yes.

Dinosaur Merchant Bank Ltd. is a full service, independent, investment firm. We are a company of global capital markets experts who operate on the belief that what you want to do, can be done.

"People are our biggest assets, and our leadership, with a wealth of experience, believes in delivering the best service to our clients."
Glen Grossman, CEO & Founder
Locations Worldwide
Years in the industry


Servicing Institutional Investors

Every institution, whether an it’s an insurance company, a pension fund, or a global asset manager, has different goals and risk tolerances. Our unique services are tailored to meet each client’s specific demands.​

We pride ourselves on the highly-personal service that we bring to all our clients, large and small, and believe that our approach, technology and professionalism add value to every one of our clients.


Satisfying Financing Needs for Public and Private Organizations

Whether executing sensitive transactions or giving access to capital markets, we focus on providing an exceptional level of support to our corporate clients, serving them diligently both in quiet and volatile markets.​We work closely with corporate clients around the world, supporting them with both vanilla and complex domestic and cross-border transactions.​

Our Investment Banking Group offers access to a range of services from mergers and acquisitions advisory to providing due diligence and opinions for corporate clients.


Providing Clearing and Back Office Services for the International Brokerage Community

We offer brokerage houses around the world a full suite of outsourced back-office and administrative functions. Our services enable brokerage firms to focus on the most important part of their job: their customer relationships.


For the last several years major money centre banks have been “de-risking” by dropping smaller clients who do not meet certain minimum profit requirements. As a smaller full-service financial services company, we are very interested in meeting the requirements of foreign financial institutions and other organizations which require an alternative correspondent, which can provide basic services, such as custody, security financing, margin financing, payment services, prime brokerage, etc.

Foreign Financial Institutions

As large banks are de-risking they require that FFIs provide bigger balance sheets, greater compensating balances and much bigger minimum fees, while providing fewer (or lower level of) services.​

Dinosaur can help with this: as a merchant bank we can provide many of the services previously provided by the top-tier banks, from letters of credit to payments.​

Dinosaur provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective access to the US and EU markets to FFIs. We have outstanding coverage and support in these markets.  In the US our service is supplied in accordance with US SEC rule 15a6.

Professional Clients

Supporting High Net Worth Individuals

Dinosaur is committed to providing an unparalleled service to our private clients. Our reach enables us to service professional high-net-worth individuals around the globe and allows us to find opportunities that are not generally available to private investors.​

Our private wealth managers know that providing an outstanding service requires strong working relationships which are built on trust, and based on understand and meeting every client’s needs