Sales and Trading

We have brought together some of the most experienced sales and trading experts from around the world.

Fixed income

With desks in New York, London, Miami, Madrid and Milan Dinosaur’s Fixed Income Team operates in high-grade and high-yield corporates, emerging markets, asset-backed securities, mortgage-backed securities, structured products, municipal, agency and government bonds. It’s fair to say that our desks cover the full range of fixed income products.

Our focus on providing round-the-clock access to global debt markets enables our clients to source liquidity all over the world. From the most liquid US Treasuries to the most esoteric and off-the-run asset-backed securities, Dinosaur helps our clients to access global markets, efficiently and anonymously.


Dinosaur’s Equity Trading Group specialises in cross-border arbitrage, which enabled customers to evolve as the global markets became increasingly more automated.

We continue to employ the same level of forward-thinking, analysing how the markets are developing and making sure that our technology, our networks and experience offer a unique service for customers of all sizes.

We excel in high-touch orders, whether in thinly-traded securities or in the most liquid names. Our traders act solely as agents working to provide the most efficient path for our clients to maximise alpha.

We do not do US pink sheet, OTC bulletin board stocks or physical certificates.

Foreign exchange

Dinosaur provides access to the full array of the global foreign currency markets. We operate not only in the G20 currencies, but can also execute complex transactions in a broad range of global currencies, even those that are considered illiquid. Our experienced traders and managers help our customers minimise market impact while also maximising the speed and efficiency of transactions.

Our Forex Desk provides a full suite of services for institutional clients, including execution, clearing and custody.


Our Futures Team offers competitively-priced brokerage and immediate allocation for both institutional and individual clients. Our trading desk is staffed by professional traders with the experience to trade efficiently, even when the markets are at their most volatile.

Whether executing simple limit orders or the most complex options and hedging strategies, our traders handle client orders with discretion. Combined with our cutting-edge technology this enables us to provide a unique service to individuals and institutions alike. We provide 24-hour access to our electronic platforms so you can execute around the globe.


Our standard of service excellence means that we enable customers to test strategies with comprehensive demo platforms.

Brokerage services

Given the volatility in the fixed income markets over the last few years, customers need to have efficient access to the derivatives markets. Dinosaur helps individual and institutional clients to trade and hedge efficiently even in the most challenging conditions to balance and offset their exposure using, for example:

  • Repo and reverse repo

  • Bank deposits

  • Forward foreign exchange

  • Basis trades


If you would like to discuss how we can help you or your clients, please contact Paul Becker,





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