Investment Banking

Dinosaur Bank brings together a comprehensive range of investment banking, asset/wealth management and prime brokerage and institutional investment services, supported by efficient sales and trading, giving exceptional access to global markets.

Dinosaur’s commitment to customer satisfaction assures our clients that we give them our full attention and a personal service, something which is not found in larger investment banks. We carefully select our deals and devote ourselves to one client at a time. We believe that close working relationships with clients are the cornerstone of success.

Capital markets

We help growth companies, wherever they are in the world, find long-term investors. We work with them to raise USD5 million – USD150 million in debt and/or equity.

Advisory services

Understanding all the available options for each project is a key part of making the right decisions. Our Advisory Services Team has handled global projects of all sizes, helping our clients in several sectors, including:

  • Trade finance

  • Bond issuance

  • Structured transactions

  • Balance sheet restructuring


Trade finance

World trade volumes continues to out-pace the global economy’s rate of growth, encouraging businesses to investigate cross-border trade. We provide finance solutions across a diverse range of commodities as well as equipment financing to help businesses access new markets. Our expertise and experience help us make realistic assessments about the risks and opportunities associated with each venture.

Bond issuance

Members of Dinosaur’s Bond Team have worked on several international debt offerings giving them a unique perspective on the mechanics and the prospects that the markets can offer. In what is a complex and often challenging market, we help investors make the most of the opportunities available.

Structured transactions

We have an experienced group of people who can design structures to suit your particular needs , for transactions of almost any size, whether CLNs, or the securitisation of assets into an SPV structure or any other vehicle, suitable for a special need.  We work with a team of lawyers,  financial engineers, custodians and trustees to develop the right instrument for you.


If you would like to discuss how we can help you or your clients, please contact Ade Adebajo,





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